i’ve been in portland for 3 weeks now….and ive been having a blast…the thing i love the most about this place is the people….the people here are unhumanly nice and cordial. the food is delicious, and there is this one jazz bar that I am in love with…check out these pictures ive taken of portland


~ by justinchon on April 1, 2008.

9 Responses to “portland!portland!portland!”

  1. Hey man~ it was nice to meet up with you in Portland. Next time you’re up here, I’ll take you up to Jimmy Mak’s. Not just Old Chicago or pojangmacha~ haha..peaCe~

  2. Hey Justin!Luv Ya so mach!Approve of me on myspace!Luv ya on Just Jordan specially Cool Guys!I soooo didnt know u were in Portland!If i knew..i would have told my mom to drive me straight over there!next time come to Everett!Everybody would seriously scream their heads off!Like come to Alderwood Mall or Everett Mall and sign autographs!I would soooooooo be there!Ur sooo hot!Best Wishes!LUV YA!

    P.S – My username for Myspace is Simple&QuietYeahRight.I know its stupid..but its true.To say again….LUV YA JUSTIN!!!!

  3. Hey Justin I just wanna say that ur awesome!!!!Your very talented and handsome and I’m oso glad that ur in Twilight!!!!! But everyone I’ve met tells me that ur like 16, 18 or 19 and even 26. SET IT STRAIGHT!!!! CUZ EVERYONE IN MY W.L.J.C. Club keeps finding different answers. PLEASE TELL US!!! That is all.
    *Glory Gal*

    P.S. The letters stand for We love Justin Chon club ^___^ My younger sister started the club I just help her run it so yeah. And good luck with Twilight ^__^ I know its gonna be awesome!!! 😀

  4. girls

  5. i’m glad you like it in portland. it’s really a great city. and i’m glad you found out about jimmy mak’s. it’s an awesome place.

  6. Those are beautiful pictures. You make me want to visit.

  7. Hi

  8. Some of these pictures are simply amazing. Looks like Portland is a pretty cool place. Kinda makes me obvious of where you live…


  9. hey man do you read the comments too? thats cool. just saw you in twilight and was like ‘hey he’s from just jordan!’ to my friend in the theater while we were watching and she was like ‘sshhhh’ lol.well have fun with all your future endeavors

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