this is what my room looks like everyday

•July 31, 2008 • 17 Comments

check it daewg

shes not to happy about cleaning this shit up

shes not to happy about cleaning this shit up


the faces of the attic..!!!…things get crazy up in here

•July 31, 2008 • 4 Comments

alright here goes

•July 28, 2008 • 1 Comment

ok…so im going to try and update this little blog as much as possible from now on….i such a lazy ass….so to start off/i thought i would show my little friend derek that likes to mooch at my house…enjoy!

vc film festival

•May 3, 2008 • 3 Comments

hey guys, Im going to be at the vc film festival this sunday at 3:00 pm, at the directos guild 7920 sunset blvd, la ca. It would be great to see some of you out there!!


•April 1, 2008 • 9 Comments

i’ve been in portland for 3 weeks now….and ive been having a blast…the thing i love the most about this place is the people….the people here are unhumanly nice and cordial. the food is delicious, and there is this one jazz bar that I am in love with…check out these pictures ive taken of portland

Why I work hard

•March 11, 2008 • 4 Comments

My father has always told me “Never get too comfortable because it can all be gone at any moment.”   I feel as though this advice has caused me to constantly work hard.

If we haven’t met, here’s a little info…

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Justin Chon is one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars! This year Justin will star in the Weinstein Company feature film, CROSSING OVER along side heavyweights Harrison Ford, Sean Penn, Ray Liota and Ashley Judd. Also up for this talented guy is a part opposite Sean William Scott in BALLS OUT: THE GARY HOUSEMAN STORY. This Spring, he will begin filming a role in the highly anticipate TWILIGHT based on the #1 best selling vampire novels by author, Stephenie Meyer. Television fans know Justin from the Disney Channel original film WENDY WU: HOMECOMING WARRIOR and from his series regular role on Nickelodeon’s JUST JORDAN! Welcome to Justin Chon’s website!